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Did you get a "RoboCall"? Read and hear the full story.

Call not authorized or approved by any candidate

Next Step: Elect candidates who favor the Zoning Referendum!

Now that we have their attention -- there are avenues still open, as we need to vote for the best councilmembers and officeholders who will follow the will of the voters.

These candidates were evaluated and selected without regard to any political party, but because each is known to support your right to vote in a referendum. CLICK ON ANY NAME BELOW FOR MORE INFO

Worked tirelessly for many, many hours on the referendum. Supports protecting natural resources and farms. Has the necessary experience but does not work full-time elsewhere.

•Worked as legal counsel (pro bono) for the referendum •Pro-active First Amendment Right activist •Has taken the School Board to task for its spending and non-disclosure with "closed" meetings. Vote only for him and for Cindy Vaillancourt.

Supports Right to Referendum, Does not support detrimental development. Really prioritizes education by promising full-funding in addition to stopping over-crowding.

Supports legislation to improve right to referendum and protection of referendum workers.

Has not accepted funds from special interests. Believes in the right of referendum, and the rights of communities to protest over-development. Wants to protect the environment from over-development.

Supports more infrastructure improvement before increasing density. Does not have perceived conflicts of interest with Council position. Wants to improve schools and protect natural resources from over-development. Does not take developer money and treats citizens with respect and brings people together. Much more knowledge of important zoning parts of Council's job.

To replace 'friends of the establishment', willing to debate honestly and openly.

Supports legislation to improve referendum rights.





Voting record shows too much support of inappro-priate devel-opment.

Current Council’s passing of comprehensive rezoning created detrimental effects on the community, over-crowding schools and hurting natural resources.


Campaign financing includes too much funding from devel-opers who can benefit from Council decisions.  Received LLC Loophole inappropriately large contri-butions from developer who fought refer-endum and plans on digging up a cemetery in Elkridge where veterans are buried to put up more apartments.

Weinstein has threatened to SUE citizens who simply tell the truth about these issues.  His and his wife’s business Line of Sight, LLC, has received local government contracts, and had dealings with Offit Kurman law firm where William Erskine (land use attorney) has so many dealings with developers and fought against referendum rights.



Has voted in favor of inappropriate development.  Has received large amounts of financing from devel-opment special interests. Is not responsive enough to constituents. Time for a change.

Current Council’s passing of compre-hensive rezoning included a large amount of inappropriate development and detrimental effects on natural resources and overcrowding of schools.


Full-time job at Constellation Energy now makes it difficult to remain accessible to the public and provide full support for Council duties.

Current council’s passing of compre-hensive zoning included many areas of overcrowding of schools, and detrimental effects on communities and natural resources.


Special interest funding.  Told referendum volunteer that developers have the right to depose them. (which in an appeal case, they typically do not and should not).



What happened thousands of those citizens' petitions for a referendum? We believe in you, and believe the issue was not judged fairly. Click here for
1) the timeline - month by month and
2) summary of history and Issues

[=== Opinion ===]
Copy of a letter we received:

Dear Shane, Guy, and Frank:

Ron and I have implored you for more than a year with emails, phone calls, and in person to stand with us on the Referendum Issue regarding 8 egregious, unnecessary developments through out Howard County. Ron and I were never given the courtesy of having you answer our inquiries for a year on your stand for the Referendum except for the standard issue reply of "thank you for your email, etc" and "Savage is always complaining about something."

Now, it is election time and, all of a sudden, you are all over the Referendum Issue, freedom of speech, the rights of Howard County Citizens, how you "stood together as a delegation" to get legislation in place for some future County Council to wrestle. You never addressed the Present, Here, and Now to get the Referendum on the ballot on November 4, 2014. A word on Facebook, a letter to the editor, nothing. All that said, Ron and I returned from out of town to find all of our yard signs down. It could only have been someone thinking they are working on YOUR behalf, because there was one of YOUR signs in the place of signs for Jimmy Williams, Jody Venkatesan, Alan Schneider, Allen Dyer and a few others, a mix of Republicans, Independents and Democrats. It is our belief, and that of many others, that Howard County needs a change in government. There is not enough transparency and there is way too much development money and influence going on in Howard County. The signs in our yard demonstrate our wish for change. Once again, as with the Referendum Issue, our Right to Free Speech is being ripped down and carted away. Please do not put another sign in our yard for the November 4th election. Please tell your avid followers to NOT touch the signs in our yard again. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW.
Ellen Long, Ron Coleman
Savage Maryland

Citizens of Howard County form new Political Action Committee

A "PAC", or political action committee, was formed from to allow the responsible public-minded citizens of this county, who diligently pursued the right to free political speech, and to vote through a REFERENDUM on ZONING, the ability to support and advocate POLITICAL CANDIDATES on an open scale.

It was registered officially.

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