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Ellicott City MD
August 12, 2015
By Alan Schneider

Do you know what you can do to protect our homes, children and economy from flooding and pollution, like what happened in Ellicott City, and Flint, MI?

You are wanted and needed! Attend the Watershed Stewards Academy. Enroll by the August 15 deadline.

Howard County's Watershed Stewards Academy (WSA) is an education and training program empowering residents and Howard County communities to improve the health of our streams and rivers, which also affects vital underground water. Through a series of classes and community-based activities, you'll experience individual and community efforts aimed at reducing the harmful effects of polluted storm water runoff into local streams, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay.

• Learn about storm water management principles and practices. • Learn about best management practices (BMP's) for controlling storm water in a residential setting. • Learn about native plants and their role in protecting the environment. • Met storm water professionals in Howard County. Training will commence on Sept 6, 2016. Contact Terry R. Matthews at (410) 313-2711 or Learn more about Watershed Stewards Academy at: this place on the Internet Posted by Watershed Stewards Academy student Alan Schneider

Thanks to the vestry and rector of St. Mark’s the kind permission to use the parish hall.

Input from citizens heard by the Howard County Council. Is the 'Metro District' for Maple Lawn South legal?

Click here to see what the Planning Board would not accept into the record last year.
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