NEWS: Howard County Association for Responsible Planning

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NEWS: Howard County Association for Responsible Planning

HARP would like to thank citizens for attending a pre-submission meeting for the planned Bethany Glen community. This is NOT our meeting. This meeting is required of the developer, Elm Street Development, to inform the community of their plans for the Harbin property. Elm Street must follow certain county requirements for this meeting and they get to determine how that is best accomplished. Please respect that fact.

Howard County Association for Responsible Planning is concerned about the rampant development in our area which impacts traffic, schools, and quality of life, among other things. The organization was created by many of the same people formerly associated with Save Howard County. (Essentially, we have re-branded ourselves.) If you have similar concerns about development please join us today!

Those who wish to join forces with HARP please write your name, street address, and e-mail address on the front of the envelope. If you put $1 in the envelope we can list you on our "official" list of members concerned about development. Some of you may want to contribute more at this time but please do not place large sums of cash in the envelope. Checks can be made out to HARP and will be accepted tonight or you can mail them to HARP, PO Box 7061, Ellicott City. MD 21042. (Please note, $1 contributions from every concerned community member will not be enough to finance this fight. By necessity, we will be asking for more substantial contributions in the weeks ahead.)

Funds collected will be used to fight the Bethany Glen development plan which requests a conditional use of age-restricted 55+ housing which will allow more housing units than the 2 units per acre by-right for R-20 zoning. Richard Klein (who spoke briefly at the end of the meeting with Councilman Fox) is a paid consultant to our group. Your contributions will be used primarily for his consulting fees. In addition, funds will be used for printing (information flyers, lawn signs, etc.), special reports (such as traffic) and other expenses incurred in researching the issues and presenting a case against the development. Funds are being handled by a CPA and reports of how much money is collected and how it is spent will be made available to contributors. (We are NOT a tax exempt organization.)

We are looking for more people to help spearhead our efforts. We have scheduled a working meeting for the evening of July 13 at the Miller Branch Library. Please watch for an e-mail message announcing the particulars of that meeting. In the meantime, if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, volunteer time, etc., please e-mail

Input from citizens heard by the Howard County Council. Is the 'Metro District' for Maple Lawn South legal?

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